Welcome to my home. I’m Rachael, an art and wedding photographer based out of the East Coast, USA. While my feet are planted here, my real home is based in the heart of life. Traveling to new places, getting to know people’s stories, and capturing heart felt bonds from all over the world ignites me. Rest assured that I am always available for traveling within the states or Europe.

    “Whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, trust that.” – Rumi

    Let's Explore Together

    This is a space full of passion, travel, and the couples who I have documented into space and time. It is also a space full of connections they and I will never forget. So, dive deep, look for that which touches you, surprises you, and reminds you of yourself and I can't wait to see you on the other side!

    "Your work is your love made visible." - Khalil Gibran

    Creating with you lights me up from the inside out.
    Creating is a form of joy, play and expression at the deepest level.
    It's what I am called to do every day, and I listen.

    Your memory in mind

    documenting people, their kin, connections, their togetherness.
    gestures, subtle looks, the feel.
    blush, warmth, ...the high.
    traveling adventurers, mother nature.
    getting ready together, wandering the hillsides, exploring hidden city nooks.
    homes, lazy afternoons, cooking breakfast, lounging with one another.
    human connection, experiences and love...across continents.