A Photographer's Portfolio Tells Many Beautiful Stories.

    Because a portfolio is much more than the many photos it contains. It’s about how you capture the moments of honest emotion. That’s what matters!

    So whether you are here for wedding photos, portraits, travel photos, or something else, stay awhile and find it here.

    Welcome to my portfolio! Here is a little peak into my work as your friendly neighborhood (and travel) photographer!

    So what can I say about my photographer portfolio? Well first of all, I love that I get to share it with you on my small corner of the World Wide Web!

    While I love and appreciate all kinds of photography, there are a few that have a special place in my heart! Weddings and elopements are at the tip top of the list my friends! Not only is it special to help immortalize someones love story being celebrated but it’s also about that couple’s history! I’ll explain.

    Years from now, when the next generation of the family wants to see what their wedding day was like you’ll have photos to show them! And that is very special.

    Portraits also hold a special place in my portfolio, and for a very similar reason! But this one is a tad more personal. We change daily, even though we don’t see the subtle changes in our faces, it happens! And it’s absolutely beautiful, it should be celebrated! after all, it’s a privilege to get to experience the changes of life. But we should also remind ourselves of how it used to be, and that is where portraits come in!

    My favorite category will always be travel because travel can be anything! You can travel and take wedding photos or elopement photos in a beautiful new location for a couple. Or you can take portraits of people you meet along the way and form a new connection with humanity!

    Whatever you capture during your travels, it becomes part of the portfolio of your life. That’s the portfolio you’ll want filled with your favorite moments.