What I'm About

    A propros

    Hey friends! I'm here to tell you about me.

    Oh how to sum up the self in two paragraphs. How to describe the "About me"? This past year has been such a developmental one. A year of hard questions, quiet alone time and deeper understandings. I hope you've all stayed well. About my work and my process. In life, I’m playful by nature and that extends through to my time behind the camera. On my shoots I’m known for cracking jokes and smiling lots.

    I want to get to know who you are. This is mostly because it’s where a great deal of my joy comes from. Creating portraits of couples based out of their loving connection to one another and the world. With an art documentary background, I’m here to capture your story in a creative and intimate way. I want to document the life experiences. You find yourself looking back on when you're eighty! As you're surrounded by your kids, and their kids. all trying to get a look at the album with the story of your life in it.

    As for why we're both on this page right now: Starting as an art student, I found a real connection inside myself while making photographic work. It was like a deep knowledge that I was doing what I should be. With all first loves, they bring you direction and open your eyes to where you want to be some day and now I've been lead to you!

    You're my subject.

    The picture I'm interested in waits in the moments you're not focused on the camera, the romantic details, and a scene into you and your significant other’s life.

    I'm a big fan of catching the moments we forget about, like people laughing out of embarrassment, and then looking at the people they love the most. All the little subtleties that make up and showcase our connections, even when we don't notice them ourselves. I love photo because it has a way of stimulating the senses and bringing us back to emotions and people and places our minds have, for a moment, forgotten.

    Hello There

    I'm Rachael!

    Aside from being passionate about storytelling through photography, I wanted to share a little about what else I cherish as part of daily life.

    I'm a dancer. I don't know the steps always but I figure it out! I so love to try to find new ways to live "green"/ eco friendly. Functionality is important to me. Give me a gadget that has multiple functions and purposes I'm all about it. I love thunderstorms and nature, and the people in my lives.

    This past year, quite unlike any other, took an unexpected turn. I had to return home from traveling. I then realized everything I had been looking out for in the world, had always been with me. The people I've met on my travels, affected my life in such a tender and humbling way, as have the people who I grew closer to back home.

    As you know, this is a place for love and all are welcome! So contact me for weddings, elopements, intimate couples sessions, and to document family memories. If you are an individual interested in diving deep into your self and going on a personal photographic journey back to you,



    Celebrating life and all it's indescribable moments