Writing more stories with light than ink across Europe and the USA.

    The vulnerability of the human connection, like the vulnerability to fall in love and showing real stories. The things that we as people get embarrassed over or are hesitant to share is part of what makes us all human. Or how revisiting an image can evoke emotions for years following and take you back.

    Blogging involves more than showing a collection of photos and providing a short description of the session. It’s a window into the emotion of the moment, the subtleties of the people, and the poetic nature of it all. It also creates a space for you to get to know what’s important to me as a creator.


    The relationship between creator and muse is a special one, as it involves more than capturing moments in time to decorate your walls. It’s capturing and evoking heartfelt feeling.

    That’s what I strive for here! Those feelings come from the wonder of travel, the uniting (eros) love of a couple on their wedding day, or familial (storge) love of ever-changing families.

    It’s about capturing the intricacy of the human spirit, and sharing that with you.

    So stay tuned because it’s all COMING SOON!