documenting people, their kin, connections, their togetherness. gestures, subtle looks, the feel. blush, warmth, ...the high.
    The raw down to earth moments of love.

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    Let's Connect

    One of the best parts of being human and going through this crazy experience called life is our ability to connect with others. Our ability to relate to each other based on common ground is what keeps us, well, grounded! That person to person contact is part of what keeps us in the here and now.

    And I love it.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me about documenting you! The connections and togetherness, the gestures and subtle looks. The raw down to earth moments of love. The moments you want remembered because they are special. Or the stages of life you want to be able to look back on with kind eyes and smiles.

    Be kind to yourself now, you’ll miss that person one day

    In the meantime, live your life! Connect with new people, add new contacts to your phone and delete the ones that have no place in your life anymore!

    Enjoying those moments, those connections, that’s the good parts of life.

    Those are the pieces of the mosaic that is you. Every person is there own art piece. A spiderweb of their own life experiences, the people we meet that make an impact on our lives. We pick up habits, terms, ways of doing everyday things, all because of the people who have impacted us at some moment in our lives. Even if it was fleeting. It becomes part of what makes us who we are.

    Besides being our own individual mosaic, we are also a part of something bigger. Humankind is a tapestry after all. And while there are some art pieces that we don’t love as much as others, or even some that are down right twisted, the vast majority is still beautiful.

    That is what drives me to do what I do, capturing memories for the beautiful mosaic that you are!


    Here's to the moments we're too busy living and loving life to think of taking a picture. That's where I come in.