Annecy, France – Été 2019 (Summer)

    We never know how important places are going to end up being to us. Or which ones we’ll remember for years to come the most fondly. For me, the places I have the best memories are the ones that involved the people I met along the way. Exploring together, laughing, drinking, sharing secrets, just sitting with another. Yet, I notice I hardly have any photos of the people I was with. And all you can see is the place. Annecy France is so (frickin’) beautiful. The water of the lake is crystal clear.

    I think it was so beautiful to me because it was a time in my life I finally started practicing being selective of how I spent my time. If I was interested, I went after it, if I wasn’t I politely yet assertively declined. If I wanted to go, I went, if I wanted to stay a little longer…I did.

    I remember rebooking a room in Annecy France hostel probably 5 days in a row because I kept saying you know, I want to stay in this place another day.

    So, I did. (It was actually ridiculous. I should’ve just booked 5 days and called it. Each day I had to move all my luggage to a different room to accommodate for all the new people!) The girl in the kitchen who was laughing at the tall guys jokes, that I could hear from a few rooms over…we’re still friends today. The girl who looked at me like I was crazy when I started talking to her in French, then in English, who looked at me like I had a mental problem…we’re still friends today. She actually waited 2 hours in line. Just to get the both of us tickets to a light show that took place my last evening there.

    Everyone has issues, and fears, and sadness, and dreams. And we’re all looking for people to love us. Or say I get it, or maybe, I don’t get it. But let’s spend some time together, go out, be together, and help you feel good about life again.

    People who travel alone are often looking for answers, adventure, connection (ironically).

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    August 12, 2021