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    A wedding joins two people. Without fail, this new union will also bring together two families, while creating a new one as well. Weddings remind me of poetry. Poetry doesn’t just come through written or spoken word. It’s in the palpable excitement of a wedding morning and the eyes filled with happy tears.

    The photos? The photos immortalize the weddings and elopements.

    Weddings and elopements are filled with much anticipation, planning, and excitement! You painstakingly go over every detail. The flowers, the centerpieces, the bridesmaid dresses. Until you can take a step back and see the visual representation of your vision. And the day of your wedding, you enjoy the beauty that you put your heart and soul into.

    Whether you are having a wedding or an elopement, properly capturing the memory is far too important to take lightly.

    While the feelings will remain and grow, the flowers will wilt, the memories will blur, and the bridesmaid dresses will hang in a closet.

    Every couple writes their own poetry on their wedding day, it’s up to the photographer to capture it in their language.

    That is why it’s so important to know that a photographer and you speak the same poetic language. Explore through these wedding portfolios and find the aspects that speak to you both.

    I’d like to leave you with some poetic musings from one of my favorites, the great Rumi.

    “The spring of love arrives to transform the dust into a garden. The call is heard from the heavens to bid the wings of soul to fly the sea becomes filled with pearls. The dry land received the water of life. The stone becomes a ruby, and the body becomes all soul. ”

    So, celebrate your joy! Celebrate your new union! And above all else, celebrate your love, after all, that’s why we’re here.