Category: Travels

    Travels take you out of what you know as familiar and throw you into the unknown. I’m truly grateful for every trip I’ve had the good fortune of taking, solo, or together. Life and the world are meant to be explored. And any of my friends will tell you that when it comes to my travels archives…there’s not so much more planned than the location! (And maybe the first night’s stay.)

    I never used to believe I was a romantic. (How funny considering I’m a wedding photographer and my whole deal is photographing love and connection.) But I have realized that I’m very much a romantic in the quiet sense.

    And now, a not so silent one I guess! Cats out of the bag. I think my idea of travel is where my romantic side comes out the most. It doesn’t have to be far, but the idea of not having a plan when you explore is so very exciting! (Even though I’ll admit I’ve accepted recently that having somewhat of a plan is beneficial.) The romantic notion that anything can happen gives me a little high, the unexpected excites me.

    I never know what’s around the corner. Not knowing who I’ll meet or what story they’ll have. Not knowing what I’ll find each moment to the next. Or what food will be there! It’s often when you’re not looking for things that they appear, right? I’ve at least found it to be true when it comes to most things, light reflections, unsuspecting muses, new friends…love. Relax and be open to life, then you’ll be able to pay attention to all the subtleties along the way.

    I’ve met lifelong friends during my travels archives. I’ve strengthened relationships and found beautiful places I hope to return to again one day.

    I’ve laughed myself silly, given myself tough pep talks, and gotten lost many times. All to happen upon something so memorable that it’ll stay with me to the very end. That’s what travels are all about, leaving the security behind. There’s something so wonderful about trusting you’ll be okay though it’s not a sure bet, or in something that might not be everything you expected. It could be even better than you ever thought if you’re willing to go there though. Funny…just like marriage. Probably why I admire these both equally.

    They’re both parts of life that require trust, imagination, and being excited for what you’ll find.

    “My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.” – Rumi